Pre-Rolls FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Rolls

What is in a Marijuana Pre-Roll?

The most important ingredient of a pre-roll is shake, which are bits and pieces of marijuana that gets packed into the joint. Depending on the shake’s quality, the taste and potency of pre-rolls can vary to a large degree. All pre-rolls carried on Phat Sacks are packed to the brim with AAA+ grade strains, ensured for the utmost potency for the consumer.

How are Pre-Rolls Made?

As cannabis nuggets are being handled and transported, bits and pieces tend to fall off in the process. The manufacturers collect these fallen bits known as “Shake” and collects them to be later on packed into joints. Before packing, the producer usually screens the shake once more for quality control purposes making them into pre-rolls.

Where Can I Find Good Pre-Rolls?

The short answer: Right here on Phat Sacks! The longer answer: any dispensary online or local that are reputable and transparent in how they pack and process products. Make sure there are no harmful additives in the pre-roll you’re picking out, and that the shake being used are not low-grade strains. Reputable brands include Westcoast Smoke Co, Moonrock, and more.

Is it Safe to Buy Pre-Rolls in Canada?

Given that you are buying from a trusted source, either publicly known or a supplier you’ve been shopping from for a while, it is generally safe to purchase pre-rolls in Canada, whether online or at your nearest local dispensary. It has never been reported for any Canadian pre-roll to be laced with impure substances, likely as the price of said additives are often pricier than the joint itself. With that said, while a pre-roll may be “safe”, it may not necessarily be “good”.

3 pre roll cannabis beside some shake
Pre-Rolled Cannabis Flower

Quality of Pre-Rolls

The quality of pre rolls varies widely depending on the supplier. Unlike vape pens or bud strains whose quality varies slightly from one brand to another, the deviance on pre rolls range from AAA grade to completely unsmokeable. It’s easy to understand why – it’s impossible to see the bud wrapped inside the paper without breaking it apart, so many dishonest suppliers can be incentivized to pack the pre rolls with lower grade strains in order to cut costs.

With that being said, when you shop at Phat Sacks, we do our very best to ensure our quality is not a point of question. Phat Sacks sources its pre rolls and all products sitewide from the most credible suppliers across Canada. This means that instead of deciding on the quality of pre rolls, you’ll only have to decide on the flavour.

Woman holding a pre roll in her hand
Pre-Rolled Cannabis Flower

Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolls

Many shoppers see pre rolls as a bargain and a simple choice in a market oversaturated with connoisseur-grade weed and too many flavours. This can come across as a pro for some and a limitation for others. Price sensitive cannabis enthusiasts are much more likely to favor pre-rolls than those who prefer to enjoy a large variety of flavours.

The level of commitment one has for cannabis is also a point of interest when it comes to pre rolls. Those who are new to marijuana may opt to not purchase a grinder, rolling paper, and ounces of weed before they realize if they’re really in the hobby for the long run. Pre rolls serve as a simple solution in these contexts as they require minimal levels of commitment, need little knowledge to operate and consume, and are much cheaper than vape pens.

Pre roll surrounded by bud strains
Pre-Rolled Cannabis Flower

Are Pre-Rolls Safe?

Other than the potential effects associated with smoking, pre-rolls are generally safe given you buy them from a licenced and credible supplier. Quality aside, the majority of pre rolls you can find online are all very safe and will rarely contain non-crucial ingredients. A few credible suppliers include Westcoast Smokes, Lowell Smokes, and Ganja Gold, whose products are guaranteed to provide you with a clean high and relaxing smoke.

With that said, it always pays off to shop from a credible source that complies with regulations when it comes to cannabis. Phat Sacks has made the choice easy for you by sourcing only the highest grade pre rolls across Canada. Not only are these choices safe, they are also potent and packed full of flavors.

Pre-Rolled Cannabis Flower

Keeping Your Pre-Rolls Fresh

Given that the cannabis used to make the pre-roll was processed properly and under the right conditions, a properly stored joint can last a long time. That is, if it isn’t stored on a table top, counter, or inside a drawer, as all these locations can expose your pre rolls to substances that closes on its best-before date.

The most important tip to keeping your joints fresh is to store it in a low-humidity environment. This is to prevent molding of the cannabis inside. A few containers that serves this purpose include doob tubes, mason jars, and cigar tubes. Additional to keeping the pre rolls moisture-free, these containers also help prevent overexposure from light or other accidental damages. Just make sure that those containers themselves are clean and dry to begin with!