Looking Out for Our Furry Friends

Why Give Your Pets CBD?

CBD has been proven to grant immense healing effects to all organisms alike. Whether your pet is wounded or just isn’t as active as they used to be, CBD can be the answer to that. While it is still scientifically debated what precise medicinal effects CBD is able to provide to its users, it is undeniable that there are zero substitutes for its ability to heal.

Phat Sacks Dog Smiling at Camera
Looking Out for Our Furry Friends

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

CBD has become the single most talked-about natural supplements in discussion today. Research has shown that CBD can deliver an array of health benefits to both humans and other mammals with minimal side effects. Yes, this includes your pet dog or cat. CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is an all-natural compound that is able to offer healing effects for your pets that cannot be otherwise obtained through traditional medicine. In fact, CBD may actually be safer to consume compared to traditional clinic-issued medicines due to all the side effects of clinical medicine.

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Looking Out for Our Furry Friends

CBD Consumption for Pets

There now exists a handful of methods of letting your pets consume CBD, including oils, tinctures, topical creams, and treats. The absolute easiest method to give CBD to your pet is orally through a dropper or syringe. All you have to do is drop the CBD into your pets mouth and make sure they intake it. Also make sure to present fresh water along with the CBD in the chance they wish to take it down with water. Other methods include mixing CBD into pet food, etc.