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Since Canada legalized the sale of recreational cannabis in October 2018, people have been able to purchase their cannabis from safe and reputable sources, both online and in person. While some people prefer sticking to brick and mortar dispensaries for familiarity’s sake, a large portion of regular consumers started wondering what it may be like to order their cannabis through online outlets.

Buying weed online comes with its obvious advantages. You can now order quality marijuana from the comfort of your own home. The package is then delivered to you in a discreet manner, with no markings or tell-tale signs on the box that would otherwise expose the content’s nature. Much like buying anything else online, unless the scenario demands careful inspection of the product such as a house or a car, there are almost no disadvantages compared to buying in person. A list of must-knows when buying weed online has been prepared for you below.

Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Yes, you most certainly can! It is quite a surreal idea for anyone who has never purchased cannabis legally. There is a special attraction for being able to visit a regular website, place an order, and have cannabis show up at your doorsteps in just a matter of days. This is further amplified by how professional and well-presented most of these online dispensaries are.

Regardless of whether you’re shopping online or offline, cannabis sales in Canada are heavily regulated in each province to ensure safe and responsible distribution of all associated products. That means you can rest assured that you will be receiving exactly what you placed an order for, and that it will arrive to you on time and in a discreet manner. Additionally, most online dispensaries offer the option of shipping signature-required parcels could not otherwise be matched in terms of confidentiality and safety.

Are There Age Restrictions?

The same age restrictions that are placed on brick and mortar stores are also placed on online dispensaries. Most provinces have the age limit set at 19. Although the majority of online dispensaries do not require identification, it is strongly advised to be truthful with your age when ordering as your honesty can play an important factor in protecting yourself in the off-chance that something goes wrong with your delivery!

Pick and Choose Your Dispensary

Unfortunately, not all dispensaries are created equal. Some dispensaries are completely transparent in their operations and excellent in customer service while others are not so much. Assuming you do not yet shop with us at Phat Sacks, we recommend you browse around places such as Reddit and Canadian MOM (which stands for Mail Order Marijuana) forums and see what others are saying.

Potential differences between online dispensaries can vary in areas such as customer service, replacement and response times, product reliability, and quality of packaging/discretion. Do your research before committing to a purchase!

How to Buy Weed Online

So you’ve browsed around, found what you were looking for, and decided that you want to buy your cannabis products from a trusted and reputable site (say, Phat Sacks for example). What next?

Start by creating an account on the site. While this isn’t mandatory on all sites, if you create an account you will likely be rewarded with a newcomer discount code of some sort.

Add the items you want to the cart then head to the Checkout to place your order. Depending on the site, there can be a variety of payment methods offered, ranging from easy to complex. Taking Phat Sacks’ own payment method for example, usually the process involves placing the order, receiving an order confirmation email then sending the payment by following the instructions entailed in the email.

After completing payment, you can expect to receive an “Order Complete” receipt in a separate email, which confirms that your order has been received and is being processed. Usually orders ship out within a week, with Phat Sacks being the exception of offering same day shipping on most orders.

Lastly, once your order has been shipped you’ll receive an “Your Order Is On Its Way” email that contains a tracking number for you to reference. Keep an eye on your tracking number and your mailbox! Ordering weed online really is just that simple; try it out for yourself today!


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